Ten Easy Real Estate Loans Tips That You Should Know

Many people dream of buying their dream house and as soon as they land a good paying job, they save up and hop for that sweet home, however, if you are one of them you should know that there are more things in the process than just shopping for a house. Before looking for the safe haven, first you must find the fitting mortgage to help you get it. Here are some tips to have the best loan for you.

Loan type

There are various loans that you will find and it has to fit your need and want. If you are planning to keep the real estate property for a long time, you can commit to a 30 year loan, if you plan to just stay for a period of time like most people do, choose a loan with adjustable rate as it starts with fix rate at first then gets lower over time.


The lender will review your credit profile. Be a professional and be ready to provide it to your lender. Make yourself credit worthy by paying more than the monthly payments required by your current loans. Always pay the ones with the highest rates first and try to have debt-to-income ratio of 30%.

Lifestyle needs

When looking for a home and a loan, consider your lifestyle. If you already have children you need a home near schools, malls, parks, amenities and other places to do your bonding time. Consider a house near your work.

Save cash

When you plan to buy a house, you must save first, but you don’t just have to save for the house. Remember that you also have to save for other fees and provide a down payment. A lot of lenders prefer a 3% down payment, but it is always better to give 20%.

Long term plan

Expect that there will be more charges than the house itself like taxes and homeowners insurance, so better make a financial plan. As a mortgage broker to help you know the best house loan available and fits your income.

Professional help

It pays to ask professionals such as a real estate agent, a CPA or financial advisor to help you with the process of owning a house because it can get stressful. Familiarize yourself about the current local real estate market and you can also go to the housing counseling agency.

Closing cost

Many usually just think of the down payment and forget that there is also a closing cost that you have to shed to close the deal. You mortgage loan estimate usually gives the idea on how much it could get.

Best Mortgage

Take your time to shop around for mortgage. Do not settle yet for the first one that you find. Talk to lenders and various banks, but remember that banks have less options as they can only offer their own products.


Ask a mortgage broker to help you know how much you can afford to loan to get a house. Keep your expectations realistic and stick to the budget.

Cash reserve

Reserve some cash as much as a six months’ worth of income and never touch it. This will be your emergency money.


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