Is Your Boat Properly Insured?

Having a boat indeed has perks, like having a private adventure or enjoying the immensity of the sea away from the activities of other tourists. However, having a boat does not come cheap and like any other vehicles, it is bound to have unfortunate accidents no matter how small it is. Is your boat properly insured? Here are ten things to consider when having your boat ensured.


  1. Before committing in to an insurance policy, make sure that you understand every details and the extent it covers. Does it include only the accidental damage or does is extend to theft and loss. Discuss some practical parts of it, though it is tiresome it will surely come in handy.
  2. If your insurance covers your boat for a year, yet you do not plan to use it the whole year round, you can cut down your premium by talking to your provider. With an alternative, you can lessen the premium. While you are not using it, you are personally responsible in keeping it safe and secured. Try to see how the alternative works best for you.
  3. If you consider that your premium is too much than you actually think you need, you can discuss this with your provider. You can lower your premium by making some agreement on the insurance policy about increased excess.
  4. Despite having fun with a personal boat, never use it pass its limits. Your boat’s motor has a maximum horsepower, and going beyond its limit could cost you its insurance as speed limits are usually included in the policy. Make sure that you know your speed limit and you are well verse with your boat’s policy.
  5. If you like fishing enough that you even have the expensive equipment for it, check with your provider if it could be added in your insurance. Store it well in your boat as you are still responsible with its safe keeping.
  6. Love water skiing with your jet ski? Make sure that your insurance also covers the towing tubes attached to your boat. It could cost a lot of money if you are going to have the towing tubes, make sure that your insurance can be of help.
  7. Are you a boat racer? See if your insurance covers your boat properly, considering that it may have special requirements or limitations.
  8. If you really like sailing, going to places could be a breeze with your own boat, however, make sure that the geographic sailing limits are clear to you. Don’t get carried away with your adventures, talk with your insurance provider first before setting sail.
  9. If you think that you need to renovate some part of your vessel, don’t get on with it yet. Check if your insurance covers your renovation so you can save some. Some insurance extend their conditions even with renovations, do not pass up this opportunity though they might be special conditions applied.
  10. Cooling system is most likely the usual problem in a vessel. If you are out in your own private voyage, air conditioning is a necessity. Make sure that your cooling system is part of your insurance, this way it could lighten up the cost in case you need to have it repaired.

Make sure that you keep your boat in good sailing condition. Have proper maintenance and do not use it beyond its limits. Damage due to carelessness and neglect with its repair will not be covered by the insurance. It is important to pay attention with the insurance’s policies, conditions and their limits to make sure that you can maximize from its benefits.


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